About Us

Trek Yam Achziv is a coastal & maritime center, specializing in production of various outdoor activities: Tornado speedboats cruises, Snorkeling at the protected Islands, Rappelling at the Rainbow cave,  4×4 Off-Road trips, self-driving ATV tours, private events and special beach events.

Located in the charming western Galilee region, far from the hectic city life, lies the crown jewel of Israel’s attractions: Achziv – Rosh Hanikra Marine Nature Reserve.  Dotted with enchanted coves, sea turtles, bird nesting sites and bio-diversity that can hardly be found in this part of the Mediterranean Sea.

We, at Trek-Yam Achziv, invite you to join us for a variety of wet & dry adrenaline-rush activities. The perfect way to enjoy high-quality family time, recreation day for companies, or just super fun with friends!