T.Y 700 Boat Tour

Action-packed Tornado speedboat rides from the turquoise lagoons of Achziv to the mesmerizing white chalk cliff of  Rosh Hanikra, including a guided marine tour of the fascinating Achziv – Rosh Hanikra Marine Nature Reserve.

We’ll go out on an adventure cruise in T.Y 700 speedboats from Achziv’s coastal lagoons  to the high cliffs and grottoes of Rosh-Hanikra, viewing Israel’s northern coasts special natural features – from the sea!  Sea Turtles, Dolphins, Monk-seals and numerous species of birds- all are waiting for us to explore in the Achziv- Rosh Hanikra Marine Nature Reserve.

Our experienced and knowledgeable crew members will lead the Tornado tour from Achziv Beach, thru the protected islands,  “Achziv land/ Eli Avivi’s land” and  Betzet Beach all the way to “The Elephant’s Foot” at Rosh Hanikra, where the mountain meets the sea. watching this nature feature from such an unusual angle is breath taking.

Trek Yam’s T.Y 700 boats are designed to cut through the waves & maneuver easily in high speeds, so brace yourself!
Join us for this outstanding marine adventure: suitable for families, groups and team-building sessions for companies and organizations.

Duration: 30 Minutes tour.
Cruise is suitable for age 3 & up.

Each boat has 15 seats + crew member.
T.Y 700 boat tour is not allowed for pregnant women & people suffering from back problems.

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