4x4 Off-Road Tours

A great opportunity to get off-road and enjoy the scenic Galilee with our 4×4 excursions.

Come join us for a group activity on wheels, suited for adventurous  families and groups of nature lovers.
Our veteran, courteous drivers will know just the perfect spot for viewing the surrounding hills and having a refreshing coffee/tea break with perhaps some cold watermelon in season.

Our routes are of various lengths and provide a wonderful and challenging meeting with the outdoors for couples, families and groups. The most prominent trips are to the Sursuq Castle, the Ga’aton River and the hidden lake.
For special occasions, we can arrange catered meals and tasty assorted pastries at the end of the trip.

  • all trips are led by a guide.
  • Duration: Approx. 2 hours.
  • Activity is not allowed for pregnant women & people suffering from back pain.